LED Light Therapy 

LED Light Therapy is a painless skin-care treatment ,non-invasive, soothing, relaxing  and rejuvenating treatment. LED works with body own natural process to counteract the effects of ageing and clears acne-prone skin.


LED (light emitting diode) Phototherapy is a scientific process that uses specific wavelengths in the visible light spectrum to send light into the deeper layers of skin to activate and stimulate cellular activity. Phototherapy is completely safe and does not produce a thermal reaction in the skin which makes this a very comfortable and pleasant treatment. Whilst some results can be seen immediately, best results are achieved from a course of treatments with benefits continuing to show well after the initial course.

LED Light Therapy is a painless skin-care treatment, non-invasive, soothing, relaxing  and rejuvenating treatment. LED works with body own natural process to counteract the effects of ageing and clears acne-prone skin.

LED Lights Color

Red light 

Will stimulate the production of collagen. Collagen is an essential protein used to repair damaged tissue and to replace old tissue. Best for fine lines, and will also help to reduce large pores.


Blue light

Bacteria in acne contain Porphyrins; the blue light is able to kill Porphyrins due to the high affinity with this wave length. The blue light furthermore has a calming action which is very effective for hypersensitivity.


Yellow light

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It is used to tone muscles and to boost your immune system and furthermore, helps to relax and restore the balance of the skins sensitivity.


Green light

The balance of the green light can balance color pigment, reduce fine lines, nutrient aging skin, speed up the healing process of the wound, and lighten scars



Will assist with both killing bacteria associated with acne, while stimulating the production of collagen to repair damaged tissue from ongoing acne problems.


LED phototherapy is safe,painless and non-invasive requiring no recovery time.


  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production and oxygenation

  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles

  • Soothes inflammation, redness and erythema

  • Increases cellular activity, calming and soothing.

  • Anti-inflammatory, strengthens capillary walls

  • Energizing and rejuvenating skin.

  • Purifying antibacterial, blemished and oily skin.

  • Attacks and corrects : Dermatitis, Eczema, Rosacea,and Broken Capillaries


(Treatment Combined with Microdermabrasion)


(Uneven Skin Tone, Red Patches)


LED phototherapy may increase skin sensitivity to

products and may also increase reactivity to sunlight.

It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight following

the treatment or use a minimum SPF30+ sunscreen

when in sunlight. It is also beneficial to avoid swimming in chlorinated water whilst undergoing


Our qualified therapist will also recommend a professional

cosmeceutical maintenance program to support your

treatments and ensure you get the best results.


Treatments last 20 minutes and it is recommended to have a course of 6-12 treatments. Your qualified therapist  will discuss your specific treatment goals and devise a treatment schedule to give you the best results.


Ongoing maintenance treatments are recommended

once every 4-6 weeks to support and prolong the

results of your initial treatment course.



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To learn more about LED Light Therapy please request information from our qualified specialist