The skin has pores and follicles that need to be regularly cleaned. Dirty, blocked skin is characterized by blackheads, congestion and blemishes. To vacuum the skin would be an ideal way to ensure the skin is deeply cleaned and decongested. The newest way to ensure that you have the cleanest possible skin treatment is with Microhydrabrasion.


Microhydrabrasion is a non surgical system that exfoliates the skin with diamonds but simultaneous cleans the skin too. To maximize the most effective treatment, the Microhydrabrasion uses a system of water & aloe vera. We use water to clean and aloe to provide contact cooling and instant soothing. Combinations together, create a truly soothing, refreshing treatment. Microhydrabrasion makes aggressive Microdermabrasion treatments a thing of the past!

Microhydrabrasion facial mosman,neutralbay,cremorne,manly,and sydney


45mins | $109

Pack of 6 | $545

This Gentle Microhydrabrasion system exfoliates your skin (with diamonds!), extracts the dirt (like a vacuum!) and flushes out your pores. It provides a superior deep-cleanse that leaves you with fresh, smooth, glowing skin.

Microhydrabrasion facial mosman,neutralbay,cremorne,manly,and sydney

60mins | $147


Pack of 6 | $734

This deluxe cleansing treatment includes dry and wet Microhydrabrasion treatment, choice of firming mask, Vitamin C and A mask, hydrating mask, and repairing mask depending on your skin concerns followed by neck and shoulder massage, moisturize and SPF

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60mins | $158

This radiance-boosting mask combines a powerful blend of 8 skin brightening agents to rapidly reduce the appearanceof hyperpigmentation, dark spots and blotchiness toinstantly reveal a luminous complexion

Pack of 6 | $790