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It's not a surprise to mention the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) from the sun tanning ranging from skin cancer to skin damages. With spray tanning these damages are avoided and the appearance of spray tanning is more evenly tone throughout the entire body . The benefits of spray tan also reaches the psychological level with healthy looking radiance in 15 minutes!

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the main ingredient to get the coloring of the skin. DHA is odorless and colorless sugar reacting with the dead skin cells that are located on the outer layer of the epidermis causing dead skin to darken to appear tanned. DHA does not penetrate beyond the skin surface.

Our tips for a sexy and glowing tan :

Pre Tanning Tips

  • Shower and exfoliate prior to the tan application.

  • Do not apply any type of deodorant, perfume, oils or body moisturiser on the day of your tan application, as these can affect the results.

  • Waxing and shaving should be completed 24 hours prior to the tan application.

  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothing to your appointment.

Post Tanning Tips

  • Depending on the tan chosen, the wash off time (shower) will vary from 2h-8h.

  • Leave your bra off for an hour after tan application.

  • Do not participate in any activity which may cause perspiration for at least 12 hours after the tan application.

  • Avoid activities that will naturally exfoliate the tan such as chlorine pools or long hot baths. We recommend to use the tan extender if you are going on holidays where you will be exposed to swimming.

  • Moisturise your skin regularly for longer lasting results.

At Glow'n'Grace beauty salon and spa in Mosman Sydney we use the best airbrush tanning system and offer a wide range of tanning solutions wiith more than 20 colors, including: ST TROPEZ, Mine TAN, MOROCCAN TAN, VANI-T TAN, NAKED TAN, JBRONZE TAN and MINX.

At Glow 'n' Grace beauty salon and spa Mosman we will provide you with a professional consultation prior to you spray tan with 48 hours satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your tan for any reason just let us know and we happily will fix it. Our beauty salon and spa Mosman located at 34 spit road in Mosman in a modern and hygienic facilities.

You know you're in good hands at Glow'n'Grace. Your trusted beauty salon and spa in Mosman ,a short distance from Neutral bay and Cremorne and 15 minute drive from Sydney CBD.

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